EndodonticsFile Check Discs

File Check Discs

It is designed to make it easy to know the number of file usage.

8 Petals/Piece

Each time you use a file, you can easily check the number of times it is used by removing each “File check disk” one by one, so you can prevent the file from being broken in the root canal.

File check disk allow an optimized management of use and control over metal fatigue of rotary instruments.

Silicone, can be autoclaved 134℃

File check disk can be sterilized and never leave the instrument, ensuring that the usage information is kept.


Each Diagnostic Disc has eight petals. After each use, the practitioner will pull several petals off depending on canal complexity.

For rotary instruments, one to six petals are removed from the flange after each treatment. The number of remaining petals indicates the further possible uses :

  • 2 petal corresponds to simple cases(S), that is, straight, slightly curved or wide canals, Radius ≧ 25mm
  • 4 petal correspond to moderately complex cases (M), that is, more curved or narrow canals, Radius 25 until 11 min.
  • 6 petal correspond to difficult cases, i.e. canals with extreme curvature, S-shaped, very narrow or calcified. Radius ≦11 min.

  • It is not a product used as a substitute for a stopper, and must be used at a certain distance from the stopper.
  • Remove the stopper, insert the file check disk, and then insert the stopper again to use it.

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